Teeth Whitening Colorado Springs

Teeth Whitening Colorado Springs

As you compare options for teeth whitening in Colorado Springs, keep Mollner & Barta Dentistry in mind for affordable treatment. Professional whitening significantly improves the appearance of teeth without compromising the tooth’s structure, so you’ll experience safe, effective results in as little as one hour. We are pleased to offer ZOOM! technology for more control over the shade of white our patients achieve. Find out more about ZOOM! when you schedule a whitening consultation in our office.

Can I Save Money with an OTC Teeth Whitener?

Saving money is never the highest priority when choosing a treatment for your teeth. Store-bought whitening gels and pastes are cheap because they deliver inferior results – and the American Dental Association believes they can be unsafe for your teeth. At Mollner & Barta Dentistry, our in-office treatment takes just over an hour and will predictably and safely improve your smile. New patients at Mollner & Barta Dentistry pay only $99 for Whitening For Life, an exceptional value!

Come see us when you’re ready to whiten for:

  • An upcoming date night
  • School pictures
  • Career opportunities, like a job interview
  • Headshots
  • Class or family reunions
  • Your wedding day
  • Anytime you want to treat yourself to a dazzling smile.

How Safe is Teeth Whitening?

Zoom! teeth whitening treatment at Mollner & Barta Dentistry is safe and effective, so you can rest easy knowing you made an excellent choice for your smile. You’ll find a wealth of information about treatment when you visit our website’s Library of Articles page, located by clicking on ‘Services’. If you have questions about teeth whitening in Colorado Springs or wish to meet with our staff for a consultation, call our front desk to schedule a visit to our practice. We’d love to show you around our beautiful facility and help you become familiar with our amenities.

$99 Whitening For Life

As a new patient at Mollner & Barta Dentistry, you have exclusive access to a number of discounted treatments and services, including our $99 Whitening For Life Program. Your one-time fee is good for a lifetime of whitening sessions when you see us for regular checkups as recommended by our staff. $99 Whitening For Life is just one more way we prove our commitment to your beautiful smile when you choose us as your family’s dentist in Colorado Springs.

Free Consultations & 2nd Opinions

Have you received a diagnosis from your current dentist that you want to be verified by someone else in the community? At Mollner & Barta Dentistry, we’ll see you for free, offer a thorough dental evaluation, and provide our expert advice on how to proceed with treatment. If you choose to switch to our practice, you’ll experience the added advantage of our technology, treatments & procedures. Become a patient at Mollner & Barta Dentistry to enjoy anxiety-reducing sedation practiced in a relaxed, comfortable atmosphere – including professional ZOOM! teeth whitening in Colorado Springs. Your best smiles await beyond our doors.

Teeth Whitening Colorado Springs
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