Dental Implants Colorado Springs

Dental Implants Colorado Springs

As you search for a dental practice that offers dental implants in Colorado Springs, please keep Mollner & Barta Dentistry in mind for treatment. We love to share the good news with our patients that dental implants can change lives. If you’re weighing out your options for replacing missing teeth, we think you’ll find dental implants offer a terrific return on your investment. See us soon to talk about your smile goals, We can provide additional information for you to consider while you make your decision.

What Are Dental Implants?

Implant dentistry seeks to restore smiles by replacing lost teeth with permanent implants, designed to last a lifetime. While dentures are still an excellent choice for many patients, some prefer a more stable dental prosthetic that does not require removal for cleaning. Implants are, in many ways, superior to dentures, providing the following advantages:

  • Implants never slip out of place
  • Require no adjustments or repairs
  • Made to match existing teeth
  • Exceptional investment
  • Mimic the appearance & function of natural teeth
  • Impossible to lose
  • Restores full confidence when smiling
  • Preserves facial structure and jawbone health
  • No dietary restrictions
  • Brush & floss as usual

Implants or Dentures?

At Mollner & Barta Dentistry, we want to make sure the treatment option you choose is right for you, which is why we are transparent about the upfront costs and ultimate benefits and disadvantages of each procedure we offer. If you’re not sure whether dental implants or dentures are the right way to go, we’ll be happy to spend quality time with you exploring each method of replacing missing teeth and restoring your smile. We’re confident we can help you come to the right decision for your smile and choose a treatment that fits your budget well.

Dental Implants in Colorado Springs

Imagine never worrying again about accidentally smiling too wide and exposing areas of your mouth that have gaps between teeth or give a first impression that is less than perfect. With implants, you’ll always put your best foot forward with attractive smiles that are contagious.

Schedule your implant consultation with our team from Mollner & Barta Dentistry to learn why so many people choose us for their family’s dental care needs in Colorado Springs. You have many reasons to smile when you choose us as your family's new dentist. We can offer quality, comfortable dental care for everyone in your family, from children & teenagers to adults & seniors.

Dental Implants Colorado Springs
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